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Seeking Jean for Jean RPG (Jean/Scott pairing necessary)

I did not see a rule prohibiting advertizing for RPGs here, and since we are specifically seeking someone to play Movie Universe Jean Grey, I hope this is acceptable. If not, I apologize and I will delete this post.

Gods and Insects


The Game:

A new drug, Apexoperidol, or Apex for short, has been found that triggers mutation in non humans. The drug is developed by capturing actual mutants and through a series of painful processes, using their powers as a basis for each dosage.

A newly funded, re-outfitted Weapon X led by the human John Wraith, who had been William Stryker’s actual second in command (as opposed to Lady Deathstrike who was his body guard and puppet), has assembled a team of artificial mutants, all created using Apex. By torture and brainwashing, they have now become his team of black ops agents, in order to help deal with the "mutant problem." Weapon X is thought to be responsible for the development of this drug. Weapon X has rebuilt their Headquarters at Alkali Lake.

If given to a "natural" mutant, the drug will artificially suppress their abilities in favor of a diluted version of the powers it is meant to impart. If given to a human, that human has a 50/50 chance of surviving the dosage and gaining a mutation. Otherwise, it will induce brain hemorrhage and death.

Two groups have arisen revolving around this drug, both groups interrelated. One group, the Indigo Children, is led by Asp, a human who has had exposure to Apex and now possesses mutant abilities. The Indigo Children believe in the distribution of Apex, by any means necessary, which has been stolen and reproduced as their convenience. The second group, The New Humanity, is a Cult which revolves around using Apex to bridge the differences between humans and mutants. It is led by Herald, a charismatic leader, and they are located in Philadelphia, with other branches in major cities as they expand. The groups in the public have separate goals, and appear to dislike each other, but are, in fact, related.

The Brotherhood supports the idea of wide distribution of Apex and wants to obtain the formula for its creation, believing that the sacrifice of a few mutants and even more "human cattle" are worth the gain of so many "new brothers." More so, they are intrigued by these other groups and their relation to Apex and mutant supremacy.

The X-Men are opposed to this drug, because of how it is created, from the lives of other mutants, and how in the process of forcible distribution, it essentially makes it so that humans do not have a right to be themselves. Coexistence does not exist if everyone needs to be changed to fit one mold.

And it’s time for all people, mutants and humans alike, to choose sides…
We are seeking an experienced player to play Jean Grey! At the moment, she is back at the Institute, and we need her story-line furthered. Jean is an integral part of our game, post-X3, and Jean/Scott is our pairing of choice, so please, join us.

 Please email me at, before you sign up!
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